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Read what Independent professionals have to say about Cozy Dozee and how much parents love using our head support for their littlies when travelling!

Industry Professionals:

** None of the experts we approached were remunerated for their reviews, allowing their comments to be honest and impartial.**

“… I believe the Cozy Dozee is humble in its claims based on the test data I have seen, because not only does it address comfort, it also inherently provides beneficial energy management during dynamic impact testing. With my first child, there was no Cozy Dozee.  However, with my second child, when he moves to forward facing, we will surely be using it….”
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Andrew Baldacchino, Engineer, Director (and former Director of Engineering at Britax among other things),
ANBA Solutions www.anbasolutions.com

“Cozy Dozee maintains a comfortable position of the head on the neck when asleep. As such it protects neck ligaments and muscles from prolonged and possibly damaging stretching, and neck joints from persistent compression. I congratulate Leanne on developing a simple tool that is easy to use, enhances comfort and contributes to musculo-skeletal health”

Jenny Pynt PhD (Manipulative Physiotherapist) Grad Dip Manip Ther, Dip Physio. www.stuvacseminars.com
Having written books and having done her PhD specifically investigating seated posture, she was very excited about this product!!

“This remarkable product has caught my attention for several reasons. Firstly, as a Chiropractor with a specialty in aberrant curvatures in school aged children, I am excited to see a product that considers both the comfort and biomechanics of arguably the most vulnerable structure of a child’s body, the neck. Secondly, as a mother of two young boys who regularly fall asleep in their car seats I am comforted by the fact that they are sleeping both comfortably and in a more optimal posture that will ease any undue pressure on the soft tissue structures of their necks.  Thirdly, as a consumer I am extremely impressed by how thoroughly this product has been tested for its efficacy and safety. I congratulate Cozy Dozee and its founder Leanne on such a great and much needed product.” 

Dr Naomi Conlon (Paediatric Chiropractor) BMedSc (UNSW); MChiro (Macq) www.belrosechiropractic.com.au

“When children fall asleep in a seated position they often fall forward into neck flexion with some elements of rotation or side compression to the small neck joints. Not only can this cause stiffness and discomfort, but place extra stress on the surrounding joints, muscles and ligaments with the potential for injury (neck sprains, sustained muscle contraction, local joint irritation or in extreme cases torticollis). I believe ‘Cozy Dozee’ offers support and stability to the cervical spine whilst sleeping upright, especially during travel and is a safe accessory to maximize comfort and aid in preventing neck injury.“

Dr Sarah Graeme-Evans (Osteopath), B.Clin.Sci, Masters of Osteopathy, Registered member of Australian Osteopathic Association www.nso.com.au

Parent Testimonials + Lifestyle You TV Reviews:

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“My girls were lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of a Cozy Dozee for our last road trip. Money well spent! It was such a relief to this Mama’s heart, being able to see my girls (4 and 2 years old), not only sleeping comfortably, but also soundly. Never before have they slept so well in the car. No heavy disturbed breathing from bad neck posture like usual, and no wiggling around constantly looking for that comfy spot. And the added bonus…. they slept for longer! We have the pink elephants, and they look super cute. Neither of our girls panicked or woke up when we put the Dozee on. It is easy to slide down and adjust into the correct position. Its really soft and padded, so no marks were left on the girls head from the pressure of it. I also noticed that it didn’t make them hot or sweaty, which I was half expecting. They both didn’t want to take it off when they woke up. Really for me, the five stars come because of two reasons. The first because it is crash tested, so I know its safe. And second because it cures the huge problem of uncomfortable car sleeps. We put such a huge emphasis on decent sleep when we have babies, and I believe it should continue in the car too. Well done Cozy Dozee. You have a fan here!”Jacqui K.

“I loved using it – I felt confident that my son’s air supply was constant and unrestricted. I liked being able to glance back and have his head upright and not being dropped forwards. It’s so easy to use and comfy for my son. Thank you for the innovation.”  Naomi J.

“For the first time ever, I can concentrate on my driving rather than constantly worrying about my son waking up.” – Clement D.

“The Cozy Dozee is such a great product. My little one sleeps so much better in the car with her head supported. It has helped with her breathing and gives her neck the support she needs. Bianca wakes up so much better now after having a better sleep.” – Deborah B.

“We travel long distances frequently with our children and I would never be without my Cozy Dozee! Previously, my two year old daughter would fall off to a much needed sleep, only to wake frequently as she repositioned herself. After a restless and uncomfortable sleep, she would wake tired and grumpy like she hadn’t slept at all! The Cozy Dozee was easy to position, comfortable for my daughter and most importantly allowed her to have a longer and quality sleep from which she awoke happy and refreshed! I have only recently tried the Cozy Dozee on my 9 month old son and it works equally well. We now enjoy our long trips knowing our children are comfortable and will be well rested when we arrive at our destination. Thank you Cozy Dozee for making our children comfortable in the car and our lives so much easier!” – Vanessa D.

“Cozy Dozee – comfortable, practical, and solves car seat slumping. Its dangerous to keep turning around and pushing your childs head back up like I used to. If your thinking about a Cozy Dozee, do your child and yourself a favour, and invest in one. You won’t be disappointed.” – Roy K.

“As soon as I saw this product I knew the Cozy Dozee would make mine and my daughter’s life easier. Mine because I wouldn’t be constantly trying to get home for nap time and trying to keep her awake in the car so she could fall asleep in her bed and my daughters because she could actually go to sleep when she needed to, whether that be in the car. Our Cozy Dozee keeps her head in a comfortable position to prevent neck pains and I believe it opens up her airways, as she used to heavy breath/snore in the car if her head fell forwards and now with using this product, this does not happen. It’s simple to use and it’s a peace of mind too as I know if she falls asleep I can put the Cozy Dozee on and her head is supported and I’m not constantly checking and stopping to help prevent neck pain. I would recommend this to all my friends.” – Em B.

“I have only had my Cozy Dozee for a few weeks and already I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of sleep my daughter now gets in the car. She always used to slump forward and wheeze slightly, due to the angle of her head and always woke up cranky and irritated. Thanks to my Cozy Dozee she now wakes up in a great mood and seems happy and refreshed, even if it’s only a short nap. The Cozy Dozee is easy to use and really makes a huge difference. Thanks Leanne for realising how important this is for parents and finding such an amazing and simple solution. We love our Cozy Dozee!!” – Nicole R.

“I love how it’s a stress free and safe drive for me, as I now no longer have to reach into the back to prop her head up after it’s flopped down! Miss G can now nap in peace without being jerked around. Her head stays calmly in one position, even going around corners! Love this product you’ve created for our little ones to be safe & well rested! So thank you”Janette L.

“My son Christopher (below) has multiple physical disabilities (one problem being the very little muscle tone from his waist up) this product has been amazing and a blessing! It keeps his head in place! Before the Cozy Dozee I was constantly having to turn around and push his head back or reposition him while trying to drive. Now he travels comfortably whether sleeping or awake. Thank you!” – Samantha B.

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Lifestyle You TV Reviews

A group of Cozy Dozee’s were given away via a Lifestyle YOU TV competition.  Here are the reviews:

“When I first received my Cozy Dozee in the mail I was really impressed by the fun and colourful material and also the great quality of the product.  I just wish it came in a box. It would’ve made the product look more professional and better looking if you were giving it as a gift.
I tried the Cozy Dozee out on my 4 year old boy and it definitely helped his head to stop flopping around. I know how badly my neck hurts when I fall asleep in the passenger seat of the car with my head slumped like that and for my boy to sleep like that almost every day really worries me.  It made me feel so much better about his safety when I was driving, especially since the roads around our area are so bumpy. Also he didn’t wake up from going over the bumps because his head wasn’t bouncing around like he usually would.
The absolute one and only downfall of this product is that you either need to have someone sitting in the back of the car to pull it down into position when your child falls asleep or you need to stop the car and get out to put it into position. I’ve read the product isn’t designed to stay down all the time and with an awake grumpy child it wouldn’t stay down anyway because it blocks their  vision.
But pulling the car over for a minute completely outweighs the time and money spent on taking your child to a chiropractor to fix their neck up from the years of flopping around in the car while sleeping.

I will definitely use this product again, especially since we do a lot of interstate driving and I would recommend it to everyone with a small child. It’s a horrible sight to see your child’s head flopping around and this product definitely gives you the ability to feel comfortable about them sleeping in the back and leaves you to concentrate on driving.” – Joelle M.


“The Cozy Dozee arrived quickly and attractively packaged.  It came with complete and easy to follow instructions.
I was able to easily fit the Cozy Dozee to my toddler’s forward facing car seat. Once in place the Cozy Dozee held my daughter’s head in place and reduced my distraction from the road, as I wasn’t constantly checking on her in the rear view mirror.  It also kept my toddler asleep longer than she would sleep without the Cozy Dozee because it stopped her from startling awake when her head dropped forward.
Overall the Cozy Dozee was easy to use and does everything it promises.” – Chantelle K.
“We’ve all been there, driving and seeing your child’s head slumped forward thinking should I stop and that must be uncomfortable.  Well the Cozy Dozee fixes all that.  From the moment I received it, it was obvious the Cozy Dozee was made with love.  The gorgeous organza bag, as well as the cute labelling – it’s perfect, it’s also super easy to install.  Once my 2 year old son was asleep, we pulled over and simply pulled the Cozy Dozee down resting on his forehead.  This didn’t disturb him and I feel he had a much longer and more restful sleep as he stayed in that position sleeping peacefully.

Would definitely recommend the Cozy Dozee to others as it’s peace of mind when driving.  (I really wish I had of known about them earlier as I have 2 older boys.  I will definitely be passing it onto a friend when it’s no longer needed.)  A great idea!” – Joanne S