How watching the news made me reflect on a blade of grass

I have to admit, I rarely watch the news. It does keep me in a bubble which has both positive and negative effects. Watching the news mostly makes me feel that clichéd feeling of ‘the news is depressing’. The highlight of positivity is always that last minute at the end of the program, where you might find out a new gorilla has been born at the zoo.

This week I was watching the news and there was no less than at least 4 horrific things crammed into a small amount of time. My jaw quite literally fell open.There was:

A little boy attacked by a dog
A man who died when his car hit a pole
A shooting overseas and
An assassination in the Middle-east.
Then it hit; that clichéd feeling again of feeling overwhelmed. What is the world coming to? Will it ever change or just get worse? What kind of world are we leaving to our children? What am I doing to help heal the world? Is it enough?

I digress slightly, but it reminds me of a saying I love and really believe in:
“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.” ― L.R. Knost (love this gentle parenting page!)

So, with my first post on Cozy Dozee’s Facebook timeline this year being one of Inspiration (as I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions), the idea of inspiration got me thinking. I wrote this piece for me and for you and do you know what? It took a bit of the pressure off. That feeling of needing to make massive changes around the world and the guilt that you can’t give to every single charity and be everything to everyone (Mother’s guilt on steroids again!). There’s so much to do ‘closer to home’.

So, here it is, my inspirational thoughts on a blade of grass…

A tiny blade of grass seems so insignificant on its own. Just as we may often feel the same.

The leaf sits next to its neighbour, in its small patch of awareness. Little does it know or see, the patches a few centimeters, meters, steps or kilometers away and yet, when you yourself do take a step back, you see the whole field.

A mass of tiny green blades, merged as one, to create the beautiful country side. Blowing in the wind together, working as a team to hold the moisture in the soil. From a step back, you can barely see the tiny blade of grass as an individual and yet without it, the field would surely not be the same.

As a whole, the blade of grass can achieve so much. It is the roof to seal the soil, home to the worms. It is the softness that a child can learn to run on without danger, to cartwheel over as it enjoys a sunny day. It is the food, the source of life for the many animals that graze the pastures and it is the magic of a mountainside through the camera lens of a photographer.

Many of us want to fix the world, heal the world but we don’t realise that, just as the blade of grass is a small piece of the whole vast field, so too are we one individual and yet belong to a whole bigger picture with each other.

Work on making your blade, your patch, the best patch it can be, because with that, the field can be and will be, much more beautiful.

I hope you found a little something in there to think about.

All the best and here’s to a great 2016!

Leanne Guglielmi

Hi I’m Leanne, Wife to a car man, who never wanted to be one but is reeeally good at it and Mum to two gorgeous boys, yes I’m biased, but experiencing a Mother’s love is, well, sort of addictive! I feed my soul with travel, dancing and music and going to the Theatre, which usually leads to a lot of singing around the home. When I have time, I love making cards and pondering life’s big questions!

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