Size Guide

Cozy Dozee is now available internationally for special needs children.

The Cozy Dozee head support was not developed specifically for additional needs children, however, because of the obvious benefits, many special needs families are being directed our way.


  • Cozy Dozee has been crash tested and has had breath-ability and flammability testing conducted to Australian standards.  Find out more on our Testing page. We have not tested our product on seats with chest clips or in a scenario that may involve a fit or similar.
  • The AS/NZS4370:2013 standard, “Restraint of children with disabilities, or medical conditions, in motor vehicles, states both compliant and non compliant accessories (to AS/NZS 8005) “may be recommended or prescribed for safety, postural support or comfort”.

If you would like to discuss using our product with your special needs child, please contact us, or have your Therapist email us, via the contact page form, so we can discuss your individual situation and see how Cozy Dozee may be able to assist you.

**  NOTE:  The Cozy Dozee has not been tested to any standards outside of Australia.  It has been tested to and exceeded the requirements for car seat accessories in Australia.



The Cozy Dozee head support sizes are based on the car seat, not your child’s age and just like your child, all car seats are different.  Please refer to the sizing and important information below to ensure the best fit.



For seats outside of these measurements, or for lie down wheel chair/beds, please get in touch with us via the contact form and we will be happy to discuss how we may assist you.


Please take the measurement around the entire seat at the widest point around the wings.
You will be measuring around the whole seat, in a big circle and not just the inner headrest.
See the Video


The Cozy Dozee was designed for use on FORWARD FACING car seats, that are compliant with AS 1754 (2013), with side wings and an inbuilt 6 point harness; for children approx 1 to 4 years.  At this stage, no testing has been conducted on boosters seats that utilise the adult’s lap-sash belt for the child.


  • In seats where there is a gap between the head rest and the body of the seat (see picture below where the arrows are marked), the Cozy Dozee will not fit when the child’s forehead is not sitting within the head rest area.
  •  The Cozy Dozee may not fit your child’s seat as he/she grows taller and if you are using the head rest at its most extended position, in the case of older children.  The Cozy Dozee is made for a target age group of 1 – 4 years old.  This is when children are most commonly falling asleep regularly in the car, over day time naps.  If the additional head rest (inner head rest) moves above and outside of the main shell of the car seat, the Cozy Dozee may not fit or function correctly.
  • The Cozy Dozee is not suitable for seats where the wings are too deep and where the child can not be “caught and supported” by the product when they have head flop and their chin is on their chest (ie slumping)

car seat head rest


Products are shipped via Australia post.  International orders have up to a 2 week lead time before shipping, especially in the case of custom orders and on average take 10 working days for shipping (depending on the country).
Postage includes the security of a signature on delivery and is available at checkout for approximately:
Europe USD$23


Read our full T&C’s HERE

Please note that every child falls asleep differently in each individual car seat brand.  We have designed the Cozy Dozee to universally fit (within the sizes) as best as possible. If you are unhappy with the fit or have any problems, questions or concerns about your Cozy Dozee, please contact us immediately.  We have outlined those times we feel the Cozy Dozee will not work for your child and seat above.

We have a 100% percent happiness guarantee and are very confident we will be able to satisfy your concern; however, if you are still not happy we will be happy to provide you with a refund (excluding shipping).  Unwashed, unused items in their original condition may be returned upon presentation of original receipt within 21 days of original receipt.  . Contact our customer service team with proof of purchase (order number) and return your undamaged Cozy Dozee, in its complete and original packaging. Any products not returned with full packaging will incur a fee.

Cozy Dozee will not be responsible for incorrect fitting if you have not checked your car seat size before ordering. We are happy to exchange if the product is returned to us, unused and in it’s original packaging. Return postage is paid for by the customer.

In the case of a faulty product, Cozy Dozee will pay the postage to replace the product.



Please ensure you have read our How to use page, including Warnings & Tips.

Here are some tips to help you get the best fit of your child’s seat straps (based on Australian recommendations):

1) Ensure they are nice and firm by doing a ‘pinch tested’ (see the photo below).
2) Ensure the straps are coming out at the slots closest to your child’s shoulder (for forward facing seats), but not below.  Either at the same level or above (no more than 2.5cm).
3) Finally, here is a quick video to show you how to use the ‘Triangle method’ to easily straighten out those annoying twisted straps. Watch Video Here

These 3 points will not only help reduce your child’s head slumping, they are helping you on the way to using your car restraint correctly.  Remember to read your car seat manufacturers’ manual and for any queries contact them directly.