How to Use

So you love the idea of the Cozy Dozee head support, for sleeping children in the car and now you’d like to see how easy it is to use it.

DOWNLOAD: Cozy Dozee Instructions

Before you drive (only needs to be done once):

  • Slide the back half of the Cozy Dozee around the back of the child’s car restraint
  • Move it down to catch under the top edge, between the child’s car restraint and the car seat. There is no need to open the clip.
  • Then leave the front half just resting on top, in the “ready to use” position.

howtouse1     ready position how to use border

After the child is asleep:

  • Make sure the child’s head is in an upright posture.
  • While holding/ supporting the clips/strap on the front sides, to prevent opening, gently stretch and slide the front of the Cozy Dozee down and level with the child’s forehead (which it may not actually touch).
  • The Cozy Dozee should sit around the whole seat, not just the inner head rest.  Watch the video above to see how easy it is!

how to use


Here are some tips to help you get the best fit of your child’s seat straps:
1) Ensure they are nice and firm by doing a ‘pinch tested’ (see the photo below).
2) Ensure the straps are coming out at the slots closest to your child’s shoulder, but not below.  Either at the same level or above (no more than 2.5cm) for forward facing seats.
3) Finally, here is a quick video (by Littles Child Restraints) to show you how to use the ‘Triangle method’ to easily straighten out those annoying twisted straps.
Watch Video Here

These 3 points will not only help reduce your child’s head slumping, they are helping you on the way to using your car restraint straps correctly.  Remember to read your car seat manufacturers’ manual and for any queries contact them directly.

Watch the video below for best practice use with our Cozy-Assure clips:

See the video




1 – Adults should only position the Cozy Dozee when the car is safely parked, in a stationary position and with the parking brake on. We suggest you could either reach through the car to the child or alternatively open a window and get out of the car to reach through, or open the door.

2 – The Cozy Dozee is designed for use ONLY; – on Type B forward facing car seats or convertible boosters, with side wings, that are compliant with AS 1754 (2013), and have an inbuilt harness. 
The Cozy Dozee is designed for use; – for children approx 1 to 6 years. This product is NOT designed for use or suitable for booster seats that use a lap-sash (adult) belt.

3 – The Cozy Dozee is only designed to be used under adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle.

4 – Not to be used as a toy. Only position the Cozy Dozee level with the child’s forehead after the child is asleep.

5 – The Cozy Dozee has been designed to be used only when the child car seat straps and harness have been fitted and adjusted in accordance with the child car seat manufacturer’s instructions. This includes having the harness tightened firmly, with only a finger space under the strap. Cozy Dozee will not be responsible for any use of this product that is inconsistent with these instructions or if there is incorrect use of the child car seat.

6 – Elastic degrades over time and with use. We therefore recommend regular inspections and replacing your Cozy Dozee if there is any sign of over stretching of the elastic.

7 – The Cozy Dozee is not designed or intended to provide any protection for a child in the case of the accident. It is meant to improve sleep quality and comfort by gently supporting the child’s head. It is not a safety device.

8 – Always follow these instructions and those provided by the child car restraint seat manufacturer, as incorrect use of a car restraint accessory may cause serious injury.

9 – In the case of a high speed accident, the Cozy Dozee will release, via the breakaway clip and will no longer be positioned in front of the child, so the child can be removed from the child restraint.
  The child can also be removed by simply lifting the Cozy Dozee back into the “ready to use” position.