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 Andrew Baldacchino – ANBA Solutions

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Andrew Baldacchino:

Andrew has qualifications in Engineering and Business and has been in the manufacturing, services and consumer goods sectors for over 20 years. He has exposure to automotive, testing, safety protocols, child restraints, mining, logistics, defense, and many other industries.

During his time in industry, Andrew worked for Autoliv, the global leader in automotive safety systems where he started as a project engineer and was identified for his excellence, leadership and innovative qualities leading to his successful tenure as General Manager of Engineering and Marketing.  He was later recruited by Britax Childcare, a manufacturer of child safety products as the Director of Engineering to lead organisational change and business improvement while being responsible for engineering, innovation and technical services.

Through his endeavors, Andrews influence, technical capability, innovative approach and strategic thinking has no doubt resulted in many reductions of injuries and fatalities on the roads per year in Australia alone.  For more information on Andrews’s professional history visit: LinkedIn

ANBA Solutions:

ANBA Solutions was established, by Andrew, in 2014 with a mission to help businesses engineer their growth through applying innovative processes and framework to products, processes, people and organisational capabilities. ANBA Solutions specialises in helping small business to grow using big business methods that are engineered to suite their required needs in order to achieve positive outcomes. For more information about ANBA Solutions visit:

After scruitinizing testing data and high speed videos on the Cozy Dozee, Andrew recommends the product and you can read his comments here:


The Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative:

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ACRI is an organisation that specialises in workplace child restraint training and support services. We are an inclusive member organisation dedicated to providing the very best in training programs and technical support systems.

An ACRI ‘car seat fitter’ is actually trained to perform the role of a Child Passenger Safety Technician. This is because a holistic approach is required for any child’s safe travel needs.  A child’s safe travel is never solely about the restraint that’s being used or who’d ‘fitted‘ it.  Ensuring that all related factors are thoroughly covered and managed appropriately is what makes the difference to any safe travel environment. ACRI technicians are also regularly kept up to date with community need and perspective, best practice guidelines, road rules and other challenges that constantly occur within this field.

If you would like to learn more about child seat use for your particular exposure ACRI can help. Find out more from our website.

Rob Newman, the director of ACRI reviewed the Cozy Dozee in their February 2016 Newsletter which you can read an excerpt here