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As you know, many children face head flop issues when sleeping in the car, just like adults do on a plane! The Cozy Dozee helps provide head support and neck stability which improves comfort, sleep quality (no more jerking) and helps realign necks, which Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths love!

The great thing is, the Cozy Dozee is as much for parents as children. It is very easy to use and helps reduce parents’ stress and distraction on the road, as there is no more need for turning around at every set of lights to lift a floppy head.

But did you know…
The Cozy Dozee is the only accessories product in Australia to help correct forward head flop, a currently unaddressed issue? Naturally this produces lots of queries, by consumers and the industry at large.
We’ve worked hard on it, so always welcome questions about our product testing. It means customers only want the best, which is exactly how we felt at concept level, which made us follow through with years of R&D.
We know not everyone likes reading through websites so, we’ve brought a summary of facts to you and which we’re sure you’ll be delighted read.

During R&D we tested beyond the requirements of the Australian standards to measure the impact on a child dummy.

  • Independent research and analysis, confirmed by Engineers, Safety experts and a consumer product safety Government agency shows the following:
    • Data indicated the Cozy Dozee DID NOT introduce any additional injury in comparison to control tests.
    • Data showed the Cozy Dozee did not “lessen the protection and performance offered by the child restraint”
    • APV confirms the Cozy Dozee passed the specific requirements when it was sled tested, to AS/NZS8005:2013.
  • Ages tested were the 9 month, 1.5 year, 3 year and 6 year olds.
  • Tests were conducted both with and without breakaway clips.

There are a number of requirements under the Accessories Standard which we have addressed in our testing. They are designed to ensure:

  • A child’s ‘forward rotation’ is not limited and
  • There is no throat contact.

Dynamic testing, supported by high speed videos, when using a Cozy Dozee.

In fact, Cozy Dozee tested above and beyond the accessories standard by taking measurements referenced in AS/NZS1754:2013 (for child restraints), so we could measure the impact on a child dummy.

So not only has the Cozy Dozee passed the testing requirements of Section 11 for “Other Add-on Accessories” in AS/NZS 8005:2013, we went further by measuring:
To the requirements of Section 8 for Pads (eg: a neck pillow that would normally push the head forward) by conducting side with door impact testing. (The dummy’s head shall not be closer than 10mm to the surface of the door as referenced in AS/NZS 1754:2013*) Cozy Dozee was within the requirements.

Head excursion* (In frontal mode, head shall not exceed 520mm as referenced in AS/NZS 1754:2013). Cozy Dozee was within the requirements.
Measuring the head and chest acceleration. These are not requirements of either standard, but measurements we took during our research.

Want more?

  • CSIRO passed the Cozy Dozee when tested for flammability against Australian standards.
  • CSIRO passed the Cozy Dozee when tested for breathability (air-permeability) to Australian standards. Again this was not a requirement of the standard but one we felt appropriate to do during our research.
  • We continue to liaise with Occupational therapists for additional needs children as per the AS/NZS4370:2013 standard where all accessories “may be recommended or prescribed for safety, postural support or comfort”.

The fact is, head flop can’t always be fixed, even with a professional fit. Every child sleeps differently in every seat. It comes down to the child, the restraint and the seat angle of the back seats all ‘fitting’ together, just like ACRI, one of the leading bodies in Australia that trains our wonderful car seat fitters, says here, when they reviewed the Cozy Dozee: The Cozy Dozee is a wonderful solution to genuine need many families face.

Ethics at our core. We are very proud that Cozy Dozee is the only product of its kind to have been vigorously tested at this level and with literally thousands of children across Australia travelling in comfort while using one, we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Been to our testing page? Find even more (yes even more!) details here:
* Method used a standard seatbelt.

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