Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative’s Review of Cozy Dozee

The Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI), if you aren’t familiar with the name, is an organisation dedicated to supporting authorised child restraint fitting stations. It is one of the main bodies in Australia that trains our wonderful car seat fitters.

ACRI ‘car seat fitters’ are actually ‘child passenger safety technicians’ because they take a holistic approach to your child’s safety. It’s never solely about the restraint you’re using or who ‘fitted’ it that makes the difference in travel safety. They’re also regularly kept up to date with best practices, road rule and other changes that constantly occur within the industry.

So naturally, I was thrilled to sit down and meet with Robert Newman, the Director at ACRI, last month.  We had a wonderful discussion about the industry, the industry’s views on car seat accessories to this point and of course, I was able to share the story behind Cozy Dozee and the work that has gone into ensuring we created a solid, trustworthy brand.

It was also a great opportunity to discuss some of the public backlash that has occurred around the Cozy Dozee.  This really being due to the fact that you can’t know what has gone into a product just by looking at its photo (as Rob describes below), leading people into ‘guess work’ in their comments.

As parents and being one myself, we would never want to compromise our children’s well being, so Rob was really interested and comforted to hear the in-depth details about my 4 year journey and all the necessary research, engineering and testing we have done and of course, the part I get excited about, exceeding the standards requirements for measuring and testing, with great results!

Subsequently, ACRI offered to write a review of the Cozy Dozee and send it out to its network.  I was pleased as punch when I read it!  Here is the excerpt:


acri-page-2 acri-page-1

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2 thoughts on “Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative’s Review of Cozy Dozee

  1. Sylvia says:

    I personally feel it is the drivers job to make sure all the kids are restrained properly not the dealership.

    My dealer who services my car has no idea who or what I put in the loaner car. Nor should they need to. It is my job as the driver to ensure that all my passengers are properly restrained no matter what car I am driving.

    On the other hand if the dealer is taking me out in a car with dealer plates and I refuse to properly restrain my child then they would be well within their rights to refuse my child / me because they are responsible for the car.

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