About Us

Meet the dedicated team behind this innovative car seat accessory! Our goal since the start of the cozy dozee journey has been to provide both comfort and support for your sleeping child when travelling, whilst as a result, reducing your stress levels as you drive!


My name is Leanne and I am the Founder of Cozy Dozee. After 10 years of working in the corporate world, I stopped work to have a family. I now have 2 beautiful boys, Master V and cheeky Master O, which is what led me to the idea for the Cozy Dozee.

After constantly feeling frustrated, watching Master V’s head fall forward in the car, I wanted to improve his quality of sleep, relieve his sore neck and stop myself having to constantly turn around. I wanted him to wake up feeling refreshed and happy. I recall the same thing myself in cars, trains or plane trips when I would wake feeling sore and just as tired. It felt like the nap “wasn’t even worth it”, as it was such poor quality and so….the Cozy Dozee journey began. After almost 2 years of research and development we finally launched this product into the Austrlaia market in November 2013 and I’m thrilled that we can now help so many families who had the same problems as I did.

If you would like to hear a little more about me, you can listen to The Busy Mum podcast interview I did (Episode 5) HERE:

Favourite Cozy Dozee design: ‘Bubbly dreams’


Sandra, is on board in our design department. Besides spending 30 years as a Senior Pharmacist she has an extremely creative background back ground and is a seamstress super star. I gave her my concept and a rough design on a scrap of paper and she made it come to life with her amazing sewing talents. Sandra was pivitol in the prototype phase of the products development. Now of course, we have the Cozy Dozee made ethically in an Australian factory.

Full credit must also go to Sandra, as after finalising a list of a dozen possible business names, her suggestion was the one we loved the most!

Favourite Cozy Dozee design: ‘Purple Butterflies’